Types of Passive & Active Meditation

The different types Passive & Active of meditation help keep your body and mind healthy. It was rediscovered by Gautam Budha , Osho & others.n.

gourishankar meditation

Gourishankar meditation a soft centering evening meditation lasting one hour which works on the third eye chakra. This technique is a simple way to experience glimpses of mindless and it will help to calm the nerve system and will make a night sleep deep and peaceful.

Instruction :-

  • In first stage sit with closed eyes, enhale deeply through nose. Hold the breath for as long as possible then exhale through the mouth. Keep the lungs empty for as long as possible.
  • In Second stage return to normal breathing keep your body relaxed and with your eyes open gaze softly at a candle flame.
  • In Third stage with closed eyes, slowly gets back on your feet. The subtle energies will be felt to move the body outside your normal control.
  • In Fourth stage lies down with closed eyes, silent and still.