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How does it work?

All living beings, including humans are energy systems and that an individual’s energy field is in constant interplay with the surrounding environment. Healing touch may help patients is simply the caring relationship between the practitioner and Clint, it reduces stress and increases general wellbeing.

  • Chakra connection which is one of the basic techniques used in healing touch. This is used to connect, open and balance the chakra energies. In this the practitioner places his or her hands on the patient, starting at the feet and moving up the body at every joint. Hands are held approximately one minute at a time, working to balance the energy movement between those joints and within the body’s energy system.
  • Magnetic passes. In this the practitioner moving his or her hands slowly over the body without actually touching and using their fingers to “comb” over the energy field of the patient.

Some interesting results of healing touch

  • Healing touch reducing fatigue, depression and anxiety very effectively.
  • Kinney and others measured the effectsof healing touch and therapeutic massage on cancer- patients. They found that healing touch and therapeutic massage are effective in increasing relaxation.
  • Studies says that the heart rate of patients receiving healing touch went down more and they were happier, more satisfied and had a greater reduction in pain.
  • Study proved that healing touch therapy decrease pain and increase comfort for children curing the post-operative period.