Types of Passive & Active Meditation

The different types Passive & Active of meditation help keep your body and mind healthy. It was rediscovered by Gautam Budha , Osho & others.n.

The Solar Plexus

The third of the 7 chakras is solar plexus.

It is located in the hollow area between the rids, two to three inches above the navel and is the seat of personality. This chakra has front and back entry point. It controls the horizontal section of the physical body located three to four and a half inches above the navel. The spiritual gift of this chakra meditation is sensitivity to vibrations from other people and places. It radiates the color yellow.

A balanced third chakra controls the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, diaphragm, large intestine, appendix, stomach, small intestine, blood, lymph and to a certain degree other internal organs and other parts of the body. It is responsible for the assimilations of food.

This chakra relates to our personal power in relation to the external world.

The Solar Plexus Meditation :-

This chakra confidence, especially when in a group. For this you have to follow these steps.

• Sit on your keen with straight back.

• Be relaxed.

• Put your hands before your stomach, slightly below your solar plexus.

• Let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs and straighten the fingers

• Silently chant the sound “RAM”.

• Let yourself relax even more, continuing to think about the chakra.

• Keep doing this until you are completely relaxed.

• For every chakra you should have a “clean” feeling.

The energies that come together in this chakra have but one spiritual goal: to help us mature in our self-understanding the relationship we have with ourselves and how we stand on our and take care of ourselves.