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Basic Principles for Healing :-

“Healing” means wholeness. It is a secret language of your body that’s why we must consider all aspects that make great health possible.

(1.)    Everything is energy.

(2.)    Universal life energy can be directed through the hand to               

          facilitate healing.

(4.)    Commit to making your health a priority. You have to  believed

          that you are a valuable being and deserve a brilliant health. True

          healing means listening to the message your body is trying to   

          give you and then making changes in your body and your life.  

(5.)   Feel your emotions. Your feelings give you the opportunity to

          expand, release pain, achieve your ideal weight, create

          change, and break down the armor that prevents you from

          experiencing health, peace and joy.

(6.)   Breathe consciously. When you breathe slowly, deeply and

          consciously, you feel your body, tune into your intuition,

          relax your  mind and purity the blood.

(7.)   Eat healthfully and consciously. In our busy life it is easy to go for

          fast food, which contains lots of fat, sugar, caffeine and unhealthy

          chemicals. Being healthy means eating healthy food which gives

          you energy, take time to create healthy food, eat slowly and chew

          consciously. Its give your body the opportunity to heal and

          regenerate  quickly and easily.

(8.)    Move your body which helps to create and maintains a desired

          weight and help one become strong, healthy and fit. 

(9.)    Listen to your body. Recognize when you need to rest, play, have

          fun and work. Take a break for a few minutes every couple of

          hour. Stretching, deep breathing or a short meditation can make

          the difference between feeling tired, stagnant and stressed or

          feeling healthy, creative and relaxed. Be creative. It gives you

          opportunities to learn, expand and discover your talent.

(10.)  Add more color to your life. Become aware of the colors that  

          Make you feel great. Wear bright color dress or shirt adds more

          flowers into your home. Whatever it is make it colorful.

(11.)  Make gratitude your attitude. Focus on all the things you have

          do not think about the things you do not have. This makes you


(12.)  Make laughter a priority. Do not try to find the reason to

          Laugh.  Looking at life from a humorous angle allows you to let

          go of stress and heal faster.

(13.)  Increasing the energy available to be used for healing.