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Passive meditation techniques

Passive meditation is to allow the mind to remain ‘still’ and not bring it into active participation with events. With two simple but effective passive methods you can do meditation.

(1.)    Watching the breath :- Breath- watching is a method that can be

           done anywhere, at any time. You can simply watch this version-


  •   Watch the in breath.
  •       Watch the gap that follows.
  •       Watch the out breath.
  •     Watch the gap the follows.
  •    Awareness in breath.

(2.)  Four levels of relaxing :- This method is useful for those time when

         you are sick, because it helps build a loving connection, to create

        a   rapport between yourself and your body mind.

(i)  The body :- you will be surprised that it you approach any part of

       your body. With closed eyes, go inside the body from the toe to

       the head. Tell your body to relax.

(ii)  The mind :- Takes another step. A little deeper, tell the mind to

       relax. It the body listens. The mind also listens.

(iii) The heart :- When the mind is relaxed, then start relaxing your

        heart. If it is possible with the body and possible with the mind,

       it is possible with the heart too.

(iv)  Being :- When you have gone through these three steps, can

       you take the fourth. You can go to the innermost core of your  

        being, which is beyond, mind and heart.

        You will be able to relax it too, and that relaxation certainly brings the greatest joy possible. The ultimate in ecstasy and acceptance.

Why Active Meditation ?

Active meditation relates to activities of everyday life such as dancing walking, working etc. Now days the body has changed so much. It is so drugged that no traditional methods can be helpful. The whole atmosphere is artificial now the air, the water, society, living conditions. You are born in artificiality. You develop in it. So, first you can Active meditation after traditional methods is more effected today. They will have to be change according to the situation.