Types of Passive & Active Meditation

The different types Passive & Active of meditation help keep your body and mind healthy. It was rediscovered by Gautam Budha , Osho & others.n.

The Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is sacral chakra. It is located in the area of navel. Lower abdomen, low back and sexual organs. The basic issues affected are creativity, sexuality, money, and relationships empathy, nurturing, pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth and intimacy.

It radiates the color orange, is feminine in gender and is polarized negatively. Through this meditation, a person experiences deep feelings of child like wonder and a magical sensual nature for the world and everything in it.

This chakra has procreative energy that is both biological and spiritual. We desire to create children and also to bring our creative idea into physical form, which is crucial to our physical health as to our spiritual.

The primary fear in this chakra are the loss of control or being controlled by another, through the dominating power of events or conditions such as additiction, rape, betrayal, impotence, financial loss, abandonment by our primary partner or professional colleagues.

The Sacral Chakara Meditation :-

This chakra deals with feeling and sexuality. For this meditation-

Sit on your knees with straight back and be relaxed.

 Lay your hands in your lap, palms ups, on top of each other, left hand underneath, the palm touching the back fingers of the right hand and the thumbs touch gently.

 Concentrate on the sacral chakra.

Silently chat the sound “VAM”.

Let yourself relax, still thinking about the chakra. It’s meaning, and how it does or should affect your life.

Keep doing this until you are completely relaxed.